Basit Studio
Based in Cairo, Egypt

Founding date:
July 1, 2022


Press / Business contact:



35 Hamdi st. Cairo, Egypt

+20 10 92 80 28 50


We 're small indie studio in Egypt, where our heartfelt dedication shines through in every card game we craft, We make games that connect people.


Early history

Basit Studio, founded in 2022 by Mahmoud Saber and Mohamed Tawfeek, is driven by a deep love for game development and a passion for attending game jams. Through these experiences, they have honed their craft and created some truly imaginative games. While their last game jam entry placed 20th, Mahmoud and Mohamed embraced this setback as an opportunity for growth. They graciously accepted the judges' feedback and dedicated themselves to refining the game until it became a true masterpiece. Thus, "Monster Piece" was born, evolving into a thrilling creation called "Monsters' Gambits" – a game that seamlessly combines elements of cards, dice, and chess, delivering the ultimate board experience. "Monsters' Gambits" offers a captivating and strategic showdown between two cunning opponents, where traps, special abilities, and field bonuses add layers of excitement. Within its depths lie hidden fortunes waiting to be discovered, akin to hidden swords of fortune. The game caters to both single-player and multiplayer modes, ensuring endless hours of entertainment. Initially launching on Steam, "Monsters' Gambits" has already garnered attention, but the ambitions of Basit Studio don't stop there. With their sights set on expanding their reach, they plan to bring the game to mobile platforms a year after its successful debut on Steam. Basit Studio invites you to join them on this thrilling journey, where they craft immersive games that captivate and engage players in unique and exciting ways. Stay tuned for "Monsters' Gambits" – an extraordinary blend of strategy, chance, and intrigue.

Introducing Monsters' Gambits

The ultimate board game experience that combines the strategic gameplay of chess, the unpredictability of dice, and the excitement of cards! Roll the dice and let fate decide your destiny with four powerful sigils, each representing a unique ability. Will you summon a monstrous creature to do your bidding, launch a fierce attack, or set a cunning trap for your opponent? With six types of sigils to choose from, including Monster, Attack, Move, Special Ability, Trap, and Fuse, the possibilities are endless. Combine your sigils to create epic level two monsters, and rare level three monsters, each with their own unique abilities and movement patterns.



Monsters' Gambits video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "ANN Game Jam." - Cairo, July 2022

Selected Articles

  • "This game has a lot of potential."
    - Assem Degahady,
  • "Extremely fun game. I am awaiting more great content to be added."
    - Aser Alaa,
  • "I enjoyed every moment playing this game."
    - Tarek Samy,

Monsters' Gambits
Whislish the game and try it now on Steam https:.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Mahmoud Saber
Indie game developer, Game designer

Mohamed Tawfik
Systems developer, Indie game developer

Abdel-Rahman Tawfik
Community Manager

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